About Joanne Boshell

Joanne Boshell

Joanne Boshell, a qualified teacher and well known motivational speaker and has been teaching and motivating students, parents and staff since 1994. She passionately believes in ensuring that learners achieve their ultimate potential through the power of optimism and enthusiasm, and the full use of the human brain and mind.

Joanne has appeared numerous times on national television on various talk shows, the Learning Channel and motivational programmes. She also runs motivational and sales seminars for corporate companies. Joanne works with many pupils, parents and teachers in schools all over South Africa. She empowers pupils to study by teaching them how to learn actively rather than passively. This is done through a variety of study techniques she teaches, using the long term memory and the skills she has studied extensively, on acccessing the human brain's full potential. These dynamic and entertaining seminars help learners to build their self-confidence and to realise their own capabilities.


Joanne’s her first step was to present an information afternoon to our staff so they would be familiar with the methods she would be teaching to parents and pupils. The next step involved time spent with puplils giving them a brief outline of some of the different study methods used, and this also included an assessment of each pupil’s skills. The results of these assessments were made available to all parents at a further information evening, at no charge. From there, Joanne set up the intensive study skills course for pupils who were interested.

I would recommend Joanne’s course for any students who need help improving their study techniques and their general confidence about how to approach learning and preparing for tests.

Margot Long

Deputy Head – Academics - St John’s Preparatory School

Joanne Boshell’s course has proved to be very helpful and aided the students in their studying. Students, teachers and parents found her course both stimulating and extremely enjoyable. It helped the students revise and refresh for the exams and we believe that Joanne is an asset to the students and parents and her motivation inspires us all.

Megan Laing

Academic Head – Reddam House

Joanne Boshell exerts a powerfully positive influence on the attitudes of all generations. Her teaching techniques are fun and practical, making the learning process a pleasure.

Pauline Jackson

Executive Head, St Andrews

Joanne inspired us like no-one ever has! She is enough to make anyone sit up and realise that success is merely a decision and how we can choose our own futures and live the way we choose to live.


Franchise Opportunity, Cape Town

The girls were certainly most positive not only in their personal approach to live, but also in their improved ability in certain subjects.

J.H Bailie

Senior School Principal, Holy Rosary School

Thank you for a fantastic seminar. Wow! What a wonderful way to teach our children to learn. Where were you when I was at school? I would have done so much better if I had been taught how to study like this.

Michelle Bellingham

Joanne runs weekly study skills workshops with our senior primary pupils. She has empowered these pupils to study effectively using a variety of stimulating study techniques. Pupils are taught how to harness the brain’s full potential when studying and feedback from parents has been most encouraging.

Jonathan Liss

Deputy Headmaster, Rondebosh Boys Primary School

Joanne showed pupils different ways in which they could engage both sides of their brains when studying, thereby using a larger percentage of their brains and enchancing their capabilities and approach to studying. She was able to manage a diverse group of pupils, keeping them engaged, excited and involved.

The greatest outcome and affirmations of her value was hearing pupils speak so enthusiastically about it.

Anton Krupenia

Principal, Herzilia Weizmann

Joanne is a positive and professional educator. Her work with over 95 our girls – grade 4 to 7 over a 10 week period has teachers and parents reporting a discernible improvement of study habits and work handed in, and the girls have adopted a more positive and responsible approach to their work.

Mrs. K. Dallas

Deputy Headmistress, Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School