Joanne Boshell

Business is such a broad description, but one that requires people to work together to grow, develop and accelerate business growth. Joanne will assist in motivating your staff to work together, to unlock creativity and to promote strategic thinking. She focuses a great deal on personal motivation and personal growth. Joanne will base the seminars on what the company’s needs and requirements are.

Joanne Boshell has been the most useful and rewarding motivational speaker for Sappi staff over the past few years. Through our Employee Wellbeing Committee, Joanne has been involved in a number of different projects, including at the beginning of the school year, to help staff motivate their children; providing sessions on emotional intelligence; and it is planned that she will also begin to offer assistance to staff to use their long term memory. We believe this will help staff members who are studying part time to better manage their study time and outcomes. Feedback from the staff has been very positive. - Andre Oberholzer – Group Head Corporate Affairs (SAPPI)
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Some of the topics and ideas covered in Joanne’s motivational seminars:

Success in business through personal growth

  • Success is 88% attitude and 12% education.
  • Inner drive, inner talent and a belief in oneself count more than IQ as tools to success.
  • The power of a human beings mind.
  • Thriving not surviving.
  • Reaching ones true potential through the power of optimism.
  • Successful selling – the simple steps.
  • Time management and organizational skills (procrastination being the all time killer of success!).
  • Self-image and self confidence.
  • The “art” of making a mistake.
  • Our needs as human beings: how to use them to achieve success.
  • Enthusiasm – without it we have nothing!
  • Using and UNDERSTANDING our sub-conscious – a powerful tool.
  • Success = wealth.
  • Facing, dealing with and accepting change .
  • Defining our missions and goals and taking IMMEDIATE action on them.
  • Renewing yourself regularly –constantly improving.
  • Taking full responsibility for your life: being in complete control.
  • Making success a habit.
  • Facing our fears and overcoming them.
  • Taking risks.
  • Being impatient about success.
  • Our focus – where is it?
  • Hindering beliefs and how to change them.
  • Using our emotions and our vocabulary as tools for success .
  • Mastering the skill of loving life and how to live it to the full.